The SPACE Between Fort Collins and Grand Rapids. 

Sometimes you forget about things you love or move on from them for one reason or another. But forgetting means you can later rediscover. Last night in Evanston, IL., I had the opportunity to rediscover the magic of something I once held near and dear; whiskey. Bourbon to be specific. Having recently spent 2 weeks in England, driving in a backwards car on a backwards road, I wasn't able to spend as much time as usual with my old friend. Upon return to the US, as some of you know, I was hit with a quadruple health challenge. I tried everything imaginable, except whiskey. Let me tell you, Whiskey truly is a cure-all.

How is it that the road delivers us wonderful people all the time? I guess the universe approves of our ventures. We played at Space, where the owner put as much, if not more, thought into the green room as the live room. Super super rad there. Can't wait to go back. We also met the coolest, sweetest couple last night, Ernie and Quinn, of somewhere south of Chicago IL. Ernie opened the show for us and then opened his home to us for the night. They built us a fire outside, played fiddle tunes and made us pancakes for breakfast. I slept better than I have in weeks. What have we done to deserve this? Nothing probaby.

Being on the road also presents challenges, especially with respect to finding mail recepticals. Lately we've been chasing down mail people and asking them to send out our postcards. I wonder if they think they're about to be accosted, ony to be handed a pile of ridiculous post cards. You're welcome. --Lera

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  • Andrew


    Lera, Won't you do some Misfits covers please! Some kinda hate, perhaps?? You kick ass.


    Won't you do some Misfits covers please! Some kinda hate, perhaps??

    You kick ass.