Lera Lynn here. Here being home. At last. Ben Lewis and I played in Atlanta last night, which is familiar and close enough to Athens to be included in the feeling of being home. But tonight we play in Athens, our real home, which is always splendid. And then we get to make the 2.5 minute drive to our own respective beds. Last night was our first of three shows with Todd Snider. What a character. He makes me feel like Mother Teresa. The Variety Playhouse was a fun room. I can't believe how wonderfully attentive the audience was. Makes me think, if you can weather Athens discerning fans, you can likely survive in some pretty rough crowds. Thanks for making me tough, Athens. Atlanta delivered us this guy, Seth. Seth wanted his chest signed. And like everyone who asks for a body signing, he asked me to write something really witty. All I could dream up was the literal. Thank you Seth for your enthusiasm and please thank your lovely lady lawyer friend who was there cheering me on as I debated how to traverse your dewy chest hairs. Oh this life. From now on, I'm only signing ladies ;)

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    i wish I thought of this :[

    i wish I thought of this :[